Small Town Finds You Didn’t Know Existed in Wharton

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“Man, I love this little town, but small town living can get a little…stale.”  

“While I love this town I’ve always called home… I sometimes long for big city vibes or feel like I’m ‘missing out’ on something.”

If you ever find yourself thinking (or saying) these things, you’re not alone. Loving a small rural community has its downsides, and as small town SUPER FANS, don’t we know it! We got to thinking about some unique discoveries and these small town finds may surprise fellow Whartonians.

How many of these small town finds did you already know about?


A literal boxing gym, in Wharton…

Seems like a niche thing to offer in Wharton, but Gary Pena’s been training boxers most of his life, and being that he is also a Wharton native he likes to pay it forward to the kids in the community. Wharton Boxing Academy offers private and group lessons to students as young as six. Parents rave about the little gym in Wharton and its dedicated coach. Private boxing lessons…not something you would expect to have access to in a small town, but a great way to teach leadership skills to a kid or just blow off some stress yourself!


It’s like a scavenger hunt, but…

Geocaching. It’s not something you likely hear about on the regular, but apparently there is a thriving group of cachers (is that word?) in our area who go on little treasure hunts for fun. It’s a great free family pastime. Download the app, select a geocache near you, review the clues then go look! The fun is in the hunting!


Channel your inner yogi…

Hesed House Wharton is the definition of a hidden gem, in plain sight. A sweet little house with a garden on the edge of the Dinosaur Park property. The directors of Hesed House are cultivating a community of resilience and providing resources for Wharton residents. Drop in for a free yoga class or spend some time putting your hands in the dirt with their community garden project.


You got a fast car…

Wharton Cruise Night meets every Saturday evening (weather permitting) at Wharton’s Eastgate Plaza parking lot to show off, hang out, and shoot the breeze. Ownership isn’t a must, just a love for all things classic- bikes, cars or trucks- these enthusiasts gather quite a crowd! 


There’s a market for that…

Serious marketing strategy with small town charm and hands-on client management? A full scale marketing team in Wharton? Where? You’ve seen us, the purple building on the corner of Milam and S. Polk.


Kapeesh Marketing, LLC to be exact. We love local, and we love helping small business owners meet their marketing goals and watch home grown businesses prosper. Drop in, say hi, and let us show you what we can do to help you meet your business goals.

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