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It means you’re likely a restaurant owner or a business organization considering making an impact in your community by partnering with us to get your local restaurants online.

What is the Rural Restaurant Program?

We are currently piloting this program in Wharton, TX and have a waitlist for upcoming municipalities. Contact us at (713) 570-6603 for details about launching this program in your area.

The Rural Restaurant Program is a marketing program created to help local restaurants in small, rural towns gain an online presence to help both the restaurant and local economy grow. The best part? A local business organization, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation, or the municipality provides grants that cover the investment related to all services provided by the program, which includes online listing management, web page development, and marketing strategy.

  • Online Listing Management involves creating and managing online listings for local restaurants, such as Google Business Profile, Yelp, and over 60+.
  • Web Development involves building and designing websites for restaurants that don’t have one or updating and improving existing ones (up to 22 billable hours).
  • Marketing Strategy involves developing and implementing a plan to promote the restaurants and their online presence, including social media marketing and advertising plans.

By helping local restaurants establish an online presence and promoting them through better marketing strategies, the program can help attract more customers and increase revenue for these businesses. This, in turn, can help create employment opportunities and improve the local economy and welfare. Additionally, promoting local businesses can also enhance the community’s sense of pride and identity.

Your New Site Launched! Now What?

This page is full of video resources to introduce you to the program and teach you all about managing and leveraging these new websites and digital marketing services. Start here by learning how to access and navigate your WordPress website.

Logging in to Your New Website

Running Plugin & Theme Updates

Walking Through the WP Sidebar

Touring the Website Layout

Making Changes

Time to update some text or photos? Want to link to a job application? Here’s how you can make changes to your website as needed.

Editing Text with Oxygen Builder

Swapping Out an Image

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Online Listing Management

  • What is Online Listing Management?
  • How do I manage or monitor my listings?
  • What is Knowledge Manager?