Nearly 600 Creepy, Unnerving, Awful, and Scary Wikipedia Articles

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Hi there, goblins and ghouls.

Let’s take a break from all the marketing and design chatter.

Each year in October, I get more interested in all things paranormal or just plain creepy. For the past 3 years, I’ve gone online to find and read a list of about 130 creepy Wiki articles.
There’s a list that’s made its rounds – passed around on StumbleUpon.

Well this year, I didn’t want to read the same list. I wanted new stories and new topics to pour over. I found several lists and forums online (sources below), compared them, and then found some of my own articles to add. I’m proud to say that the collection is up to 592 creepy Wikipedia articles to read in the dark. FAIR WARNING: Some of these articles are related to medical procedures, real crimes, and serial killers. There will be gruesome details and offensive content.

There are sure to be broken links, mis-categorized articles, and duplicates. Help us maintain the list by leaving a comment or emailing us at Have an article you want added? Send us the link with a suggested category – your suggestion is not guaranteed to be added, but we’ll consider any contributions.

Speaking of contributions, take some time to appreciate what Wikipedia allows us to do. We have access to a wealth of knowledge, history, events, and biographies thanks to a site that runs on DONATIONS. If you can, please contribute to their efforts.

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From myself, and The Kapeesh Team,

Happy Halloween!

– Amy

Nearly 600 Creepy, Unnerving, Awful, and Scary Wikipedia Articles

Alleged Hauntings & Spirits
Artifacts, Objects & Writings
Conspiracy Theories & Covert Operations
Creatures & Cryptids
Crime & Mysterious Deaths
Cults & Mysticism
The Devil, Demons, and Exorcisms
Fish & Chips (Stories from Across the Pond)
Folklore & Urban Legends
Medicine & Psychology
Science & Pseudoscience
Serial Killers
UFO Phenomena
Zombies & Undead

Lists Within Our List:
List of Cryptids
List of Unusual Deaths
List of Torture Methods

Alleged Hauntings & Spirits’s_Grove_Cemetery

Artifacts, Objects & Writingsélmez_Faces,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titanên-an-Tol’s_encrypted_notes

Conspiracy Theories & Covert Operations

Creatures & Cryptidsòrévaudan’s_Footprints

Crime & Mysterious Deathsét_Ramsey

Cults & Mysticism’s_Gate_(religious_group)”I_AM”_Activity’s_Resistance_Army

The Devil, Demons, and Exorcisms’s_Tramping_Ground’s_Chair’s_Footprints


Fish & Chips (Stories from Across the Pond)

Folklore & Urban Legends’s_ghost’s_Gold_Mine’-the-wisp

Medicine & Psychology–Babinski_syndrome–Kruger_effect



Science & Pseudoscience’s_number’s_demon,_astrology,_ufology_and_pseudoscience

Serial Killersáthoryópez_(serial_killer)ürten

UFO Phenomena’Hare_International_Airport_UFO_sighting,_Texas,_UFO_incidentëlism

Zombies & Undead

Did you really make it to the end? Still sane? Good for you!

This list was compiled through our own Wiki searches and using links and ideas for categories based on these sources:

Thanks for reading.

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