“Kapeesh” Is A Funny Name. What Gives?

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Capeesh? Capiche. Capisce? KAPEESH. Our name’s kind of funny. We get it – you want to know what we were thinking. Is it German, Italian, Czech, or something else? And why do we spell it weird on top of that? Well, here’s the story. Hope you enjoy it.

Interjection, slang
– Do you understand?
– I understand.
[From Italian capisce, third person singular present tense of capire ‘to understand’.]

From owner, Amy Morales:

I grew up in a small town, in a house with lots of rules. Like most tweens and teens, I needed a few reminders about those rules while growing up. At the completion of any heart-to-heart with my father, he’d look me dead in the face and ask:


Meaning “Do you understand?” or “Are you picking up what I’m putting down?”
I’d always respond with a firm “capiche.” I wouldn’t have to be told again.

When coming up with a mission for our marketing and design agency, we wanted to make it clear – WE GET IT. We understand. Whether it’s your goals, your budget, your business, your strengths and weaknesses, or your concerns, we want to make it very clear: We’re in this with you, and we are on the same page.

In a world of online freelancers, outsourced virtual assistants, and fly-by-night services providers, small business owners can find themselves not knowing what to expect or when to expect it. Instead of juggling multiple contacts for a wide range of marketing and design needs, we aim to provide our clients with one, solid team of marketing experts that can be contacted at one location.

So, that’s that. Right? Besides our silly spelling, of course. Well, that one’s simple enough. We wanted our own word – our own brand. A phonetic representation of this “we understand” mantra of ours. KAPEESH – we get it.

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