Earn Your Badge: Facebook Response Time Matters!

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Page Administrators across Facebook are beginning to see a few new messages when they log into their accounts. We noticed a couple of our social media management clients had the opportunity to earn a new “Very Responsive to Messages” badge back in June, before we’d read anything about the service rolling out. Now that we’ve had some time to check things out, here’s what we know:

The goal: To get one of these bad boys on your Facebook Page for all to see.

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Being given a badge like this from Facebook shows your fans, prospects, and competitors that you’re on top of your social media game. When customers reach out to you through Facebook messaging, your page responds quickly. So how do you get one? Let’s a take a look at Facebook’s support forum where it’s discussed.


Over a week’s time, your page admins must respond to 90% of all messages within 5 minutes of the message being sent.

So, how does a small business have a chance to achieve this without shutting down operations for the week just to focus on response times? We recommend choosing at least one employee to focus on your social media activities exclusively. Better yet, have a team or group of employees who can switch off/rotate days or hours during the work week. Relying on anyone and everyone to casually pitch in whenever they can doesn’t usually work out for the better. If everyone’s responsible, no one is responsible. Delegate a specific team or person and set strict goals for them. If your operation cannot support a system like this, we suggest hiring experts to handle this area of marketing for you. Social media marketing presents new opportunities like this every day, and it’s imperative your business stays on top of the trends or hires someone to do it for you.

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