Hi ? This page is meant for Kapeesh Marketing clients, and it’s where we host introduction videos to our task management system, ClickUp.

We’ve officially said “goodbye” to Basecamp 3, which we used to organize clients projects, tasks, and feedback since 2018.

Whether we’ve got a one-time project working or you’ve been with us on recurring services for years, it’s important you have all the tools necessary to interact with the Kapeesh team within our platforms. ClickUp allows us to:

  • Keep track of specific tasks related to your projects or services
  • Set due dates and expectations
  • Receive feedback and virtual rounds of applause
  • Gather and share files, images, and links to ongoing work
  • Chat with clients in dedicated Chat views within their service folders

You might want to continue to use email and other forms of communication early on, and that’s okay. But we do encourage you to take time to get familiar with ClickUp so you can better understand workflows, statuses, and overall expectations.

Get started with these videos below:

1. Your ClickUp Invitation – Kapeesh Marketing, LLC


2. ClickUp Folders, Lists, and Tasks – Kapeesh Marketing, LLC


3. ClickUp Doc & Chat View – Kapeesh Marketing, LLC

4. ClickUp Notifications Settings – Kapeesh Marketing, LLC



You can also learn more about ClickUp on their HelpDocs page or the ClickUp blog. YouTube also has a wealth of content creators and ClickUp Vetted Consultants that make understanding ClickUp much easier. Let us know if we can help you in any way!