10 Of The Scariest Email Marketing Mistakes

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As we get closer to Halloween, our need to get creeped-out grows. Haunted houses, scary stories, paranormal television shows… the list goes on.

Speaking of lists, check out our list of Nearly 600 Creepy, Awful, and Unnerving Wikipedia Articles.

We decided to do things a bit differently by combining one of our favorite topics, email marketing, with scared reaction GIFs that are only slightly exaggerated versions of our ACTUAL reactions when we come across these mistakes in our own inbox. Prepare yourselves for our list of…

Reactions to 10 of the Scariest Email Marketing Mistakes

Join us on a journey of GIF reacts as we cover the spookiest mistakes we come across in email marketing.

1. The email is just one. giant. image.

85% of email clients block images by default, and upward of 60% of users choose to have them disabled. Hoping recipients will see it? You’d have better luck venturing into the dark room where you just heard that weird sound.


Why, oh why? We’d rather be made to watch The Blair Witch Project again than come across one of these in our inbox. Calm it down – you look spammy.

3. Launching without testing deliverability and readability…

across different email clients and devices. What do you mean you just typed it up and sent it? Have you no decency?!

4. Sending it at a horrible time of day (10pm-9am)


Alright, we’ve had enough. Please, no more.

5. Not segmenting your email list.

Your vendors, clients, prospects, and business partners all receive the same version of the message? AHHHHHHHHH!

6. There’s no call to action.

Should we call, click, order, or read more? Please, just tell us what you want us to do! We’ll do anything! Make it stopppp.

7. You aren’t A/B testing.

Open rates can change drastically when an alternative subject line is introduced. A/B testing really is easy, and it’s not at all scary.

8. It’s just too darn long.

Messages should only take a few moments to understand and act upon. Anything else is just torturous and cruel.

9. There are merge field or personalization issues.

People understand that messages are automated and a lot of personalization is generated, but that’s no excuse for Dear *%*FULLNAME*%*. It looks sloppy, and it’s downright frightful.

10. You don’t have permission to email.

Rookie mistake. Don’t buy email lists, and always let your customers know that by providing you with their email address they’re signing up for messages, offers, news, updates, etc.


Phew! We made it to the end. Anything else that tops your list of horrific email mistakes? Which email marketing faux pas has you frozen in fear? Leave a comment for us.

Happy Halloween!

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